Sea Salt and Woodsage Candle
Sea Salt and Woodsage Candle

Sea Salt and Woodsage Candle

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Embrace the allure of a warm and sophisticated fragrance that weaves delicate sage and invigorating grapefruit aromas, complemented by subtle hints of bergamot, citrus tones, and the grounding essence of musk and woody scents.

Transport yourself to a serene coastal walk, where waves crash onto the shore, and the air carries the briny scent of sea salt intermingling with earthy undertones. Elevate your living space with this beautiful, crisp scent, inviting you to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the invigorating, fresh aroma.

No fascinating fact this time, but we do have a soft spot for the seaside whenever we can!

Approximately burn 48+ hours 

30cl clear glass 

Handmade and poured in Hereford UK

Warning label on the base 

Packaged in recyclable box. 

Care label included in the top of the box.