Rose Oud
Rose Oud

Rose Oud

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The Rose Oud fragrance stands as an exclusive masterpiece, meticulously crafted to compose a symphony like no other. Within its harmonious notes, the fervent essence of red roses and their tender petals gracefully entwine with an opulent foundation of smoky wood and sumptuous leather. Infused with a delicate blend of spices and a soft caress of caramel, this fragrance forms an unforgettable olfactory masterpiece.

Let it serve as your enchanted carpet, whisking you away to Arabian nights, where the air is laden with mystique and the echoes of a timeless love story.

Approximately burn 48+ hours 

30cl clear glass 

Handmade and poured in Hereford UK

Warning label on the base 

Packaged in recyclable box. 

Care label included in the top of the box. 


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