Gin and a Splash
Gin and a Splash

Gin and a Splash

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Gin and a Splash fragrance is not just slightly gorgeous, it's a work of art meticulously crafted with natural orris root, rose, invigorating lemon and vibrant orange essential oils, soothing cucumber extract, juniper (a nod to the quintessential gin ingredient), and the distinctive aroma of coriander essential oil.

To enhance the longevity and seamlessly blend these natural wonders, we've skilfully combined them with a touch of white woods accord. The result is a fragrance that draws inspiration from gin, boasting its recognizable notes, yet at its core, it blooms as a floral masterpiece, with the enchanting interplay of rose and iris, gracefully guided by the lively herbs that dance around it.


Approximately burn 48+ hours 

30cl clear glass 

Handmade and poured in Hereford UK

Warning label on the base 

Packaged in recyclable box. 

Care label included in the top of the box. 

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