Black Pepper Scented Candle
Black Pepper Scented Candle

Black Pepper Scented Candle

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Discover the captivating allure of black pepper, a fragrance that embodies a remarkable complexity, featuring fresh, warm, spicy, and woody notes. Revered as the 'King of Spices' or even 'black gold,' black pepper has been a cherished commodity in trade since Roman times and remains the world's most beloved spice.

Experience its soothing and invigorating qualities as you infuse your living space with this exquisite aroma. Close your eyes and savor the opulent scent that envelopes your surroundings

Approximately burn 48+ hours 

30cl clear glass 

Handmade and poured in Hereford UK

Warning label on the base 

Packaged in recyclable box. 

Care label included in the top of the box.