Neroli and Basil Candle
Neroli and Basil Candle

Neroli and Basil Candle

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Experience a floral green fragrance that opens with invigorating top notes of basil, followed by a fresh, citrusy floral heart of neroli, and anchored by base notes of vetiver, musk, and deep earthy tones.

Neroli, derived from the fragrant flower blossoms of bitter orange trees and named after a town near Rome, Italy, is a cherished ingredient with a fascinating history. Its allure even extends to the closely guarded formula of Coca Cola (our lips are sealed!).

Infuse your living space with this beautiful, crisp scent, inviting you to close your eyes and revel in its exquisite aroma—a refreshing, citrusy bouquet that strikes the perfect balance between brightness and sweetness

Approximately burn 48+ hours 

30cl clear glass 

Handmade and poured in Hereford UK

Warning label on the base 

Packaged in recyclable box. 

Care label included in the top of the box.